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sample shorturl address link bar

This is a sample site demonstrating the ShortURL Link Bar, which is displayed at the bottom of this page. Should a visitor click on the link, it opens in a new window, so your website is left up for the visitor to return to it.

You can now remove the link bar for free or pay the low price of $1.88. Premium accounts are free by simply signing up for a free offer with one of our partners. There is no commitment with these offers, and you are not asked to give out a credit card. Some partners do not even ask for more than your email address. Once you create an account, you are given several offers to choose from. You can always upgrade at anytime by taking a moment to complete the offer.

We implemented the link bar for the survival of our service. While we used to allow sites to instead place a small link to us on their site, many did not, had trouble, or removed the link later. With this, we still endure the bandwidth costs, yet our link is never seen.

The tech support man hours, spam, and con abuse has also spread our resources thin. The link compensation makes it possible for us to grow our business, and stay in service to offer you better features and reliability.

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