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Welcome to the virtual home (since 1996) of the kick ass radio talk show - 'Loveline'. Please note that this site is unofficial and not associated with KROQ radio or MTV.


Live From 10PM to 12PM PST (Sunday - Thursday)

The site is back and needs serious updating and some upgrading but lets first see if we can find ourselves again. The domain name Changed to AdamDrew.com, the old domain "AdamAndDrew" expired accidentally due to an outdated email address and entered a "redemption period" with the registrar Network Solutions (use 2Ya instead) who wanted $235 to recover/renew it and did not shut the domain down so that i noticed until it entered redemption. It seems I'm not the only one unhappy with this practice. So I let it go but the millisecond it became available a smart company (Sedo.com) who watches domain deletions and analyzes link and search engine popularity sold it in auction for $850 or so. So I screwed up and lost the old damn domain so please link to http://AdamDrew.com or correct links to it and help the site recover again!

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This site is unofficial. It and its sponsors are in no way affiliated with MTV Networks, KROQ Radio, or Infinity Broadcasting.